viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2009

Education Puppy

The first thing to know when raising a puppy is that you must be patient, very patient, as mostly these repetitions based learning .... many repetitions.

First associate an event with a consequence (stimulus with an action). This is the typical story of Pavlow test: if every time ringing a bell, we give a piece of meat to a dog after a few repetitions it will start to salivate as soon rang the bell. In everyday life this means that your puppy gets wild with joy as he sees you take the belt because he knows will walk.

Another way for your puppy to learn is right and wrong. Rewarding and punishing at the right time to accelerate their education. For example, if your puppy accidentally opened the wardrobe of shoes and smashes your favorite shoes, you have to punish immediately so as not to do it again.

All puppies education methods are based on the philosophy of reward and punishment to shape the behavior of your puppy to the society around us. But not all forms of rewards and punishments are valid.

As a reward well:

It's easy and simple to reward your puppy and there are many ways to do: praise them softly and loving, cuddling, games, food, etc..

As punish either:

To punish a puppy is usually sufficient to use a strong voice and commanding, to yank strap, etc..

In the education of pups you should never use harsh physical punishment or cruel and unfair that these methods will not get anything except confuse your puppy and insecure and nervous again.

You must save the punishment of submission only to cases of aggression or challenge pure and clear.


As important as it is rewarding and punishing it at the right time. This is very important if you want to make progress and results in educating the puppy.

Both punishment and reward must apply simultaneously to the action, either before or after.

If your puppy has done its business in the house only scold him if they catch you in the act because doing then lose all effectiveness.

Besides all this, remember that each puppy is different and differently corresponding to its owner. Because of this, we must be flexible and modify these rules to apply to each particular case. But remember that the prizes are more effective than punishment when it comes to educating your puppy.

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